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Sigma Chi Derby Days



  The Catch-A-Dream Foundation is very similar in design and character to the well-known Make-A-Wish Foundation, with Catch-A-Dream granting once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experiences to children eighteen years of ago or younger who suffer from life-threatening illness. Catch-A-Dream was founded in the year 2000 to fill the void created when the Make-A-Wish Foundation established national policy that excludes granting a child a wish that involves hunting or use of "...firearms, hunting bows, or other hunting or sport-shooting equipment."

     On each trip, the children and family member who accompany them are surrounded by outdoors-minded people who understand that these children are often   " ...sick and tired of being sick and tired!" A designated Catch-A-Dream host accompanies each family and, together with outfitters and local volunteers, facilitates their dream experience, and loves and nurtures them through the strong personal relationships that are inevitably forged in the lodge, on the stream, or in the woods. Hosts and volunteers often become best friends with these families, and remain a part of their lives long after the dream trip has concluded. As one volunteer eloquently stated, "We cannot change the whole world, but we can change someones whole world for at least a short period!" Many Parents have confirmed that this mission is consistently accomplished!

     The Catch-A-Dream Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, working in cooperation with the Mississippi State Extension Service, the Mississippi Wildlife Federation, and the Bruce Brady Memorial. 
To donate and for more information click the Catch-a-Dream icon below. 

Huntsman Cancer Institute

The Huntsman family has donated more than $400 million to cancer-related initiatives since the commencement of HCI in 1995. He now challenges his brothers to aid in his efforts through the Derby Challenge.

The Derby Challenge is an online competition between Sigma Chi chapters, the women's fraternities and sororities on each campus raising funds for research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. The challenge expands the traditional, local concept of a Derby Days philanthropic event to include an international fundraising arm that allows persons physically present for the event a way of contributing to the cause. Through, Sigma Chi chapters and the participating teams on their respective campuses manage their own webpages where they set visible fundraising goals, collect donations, track progress and send family and friends a secure link through which they can make a donation. The Derby Challenge runs annually, with chapter winners announced at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. 


All donations must have an accompanying note indicating the chapter name affiliated with the donation to be credited to the Derby Challenge. Donations made through the website automatically add to the chapter's page. To donate and for more information click the Huntsman Cancer Foundation icon below. 


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