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     Our Chapter takes pride in the relationships that we share with our alumni. We are always looking for more ways in which we can reach out to those who were in our undergraduate shoes in years past. We encourage all alumni to explore this website to stay up to date with current happenings here at Gamma Upsilon. We also encourage all alumni to register with us via the Contact Gamma Upsilon page so that you may reconnect with other alumni and the active chapter. We would love to have the chance to welcome back any alumni who may have lost touch with the chapter over the years. If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    We would love to hear from you!  If you are ever in the Starkville area, please feel free to stop by and visit. During the fall semester, we often have alumni coming by the house on game weekends and also during the week.

    We respect the voice of our alumni. If you know of any upcoming freshmen who could be a potential asset to Gamma Upsilon, please contact our rush chairmen. Their contact information can be found on the rush page.

Alumni Facebook Group

If you are an alumni of the Gamma Upsilon Chapter and would like to stay informed through Facebook, please request access to the Facebook group via the Facebook icon.

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Alumni Contact Form

We encourage all alumni to submit contact information that will allow us to stay in touch in order to share news or information regarding upcoming events:

Steel Jacket Sig

     The Gamma Upsilon House Corporation is excited to bring you the first version of our new alumni newsletter, which will be sent twice a year to keep you up to date on alumni and chapter news. In each issue, there will be an update on the state of the chapter, we will highlight the accomplishments and whereabouts of selected brothers, inform you of important dates, and much more. Our hope is that this will be the first step toward bringing alumni together and increasing awareness and involvement of our alumni.

     The Steel Jacket Sig comes from the George Rifles, whose annual publication was entitled Steeljacket. The first edition was published in 1917, which was composed of 64 pages that included chapter officers, undergraduate members, and alumni names, along with their accomplishments and a history of the organization. We hope that our modern publications can continue to present Sigma Chi updates and history just as the orginal Steeljacket and that it can conjure fond memories at Mississippi State University and Sigma Chi, as well as promotes a sense of our continued brotherhood. 

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